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Our democracy is based on the premises of “For the People and by the People’. Through the years special interest groups have perverted this idea so that a select few are controlling our government. The idea was to protect the minority view from being overpowered by the majority or mobocracy. We need to reclaim our democracy to safeguard the freedoms that make our society great and restrict the powers of big government and those special interests that influence this government. Over the years the New York City legislative representatives have controlled the Capitol which has suppressed voices of the people in upstate New York. We must have a voice. As your State Assemblyman, I’ll fight to:

  • Advance rigorous protections for the freedom of speech, press, and religion;
  • The right to responsibly bear arms, which should not be infringed or impeded upon;
  • Ensure that our elections are safeguarded from manipulations, hacks, influences, outdated voter rolls and ballot harvesting; and that all citizens who are eligible can vote in free and fair election;
  • Oppose eliminating fusion voting and allow for “Ranked Choice Voting”;
  • Restrict the Governors Executive Orders and Message of Necessity to immediate emergencies with a time limit of 30 days and require a full legislative vote to extend them;
  • Require all bills to have a three day review period from when it is presented to allow for a proper understanding, to stop things like the rush to vote S.A.F.E. Act without any collaborative input.

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