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Our Economy & Taxes

New York State’s economy has been lagging behind the rest of the nation for years. This situation has only worsen as our state looks to work its way out of the recession created by the COVID-19 pandemic. I have long been focused on ensuring our communities are home to good-paying jobs, so residents aren’t forced to leave our region to seek opportunities elsewhere. In the State Assembly, I will work with local business leaders and government officials to find new, creative ways to jumpstart our economy and help the small businesses left devastated in the wake of the coronavirus crisis thrive once again. Enact a jobs-first policy to restore our economy and combat New York’s over regulation and high taxation so that New York can lead the nation. As your State Assemblyman, I’ll will fight to:

  • Lower our taxes, simplify our tax code, and eliminate nickel-and-dime taxes wherever possible;
  • Ensure government is spending efficiency to pass the savings on to taxpayers through things like zero based budgeting;
  • Eliminate unnecessary regulations on small businesses and end unfunded mandates (which is about 70% of Columbia and Dutchess Counties budget); and
  • Reform the legislature rules to require any vote for tax increases ensures upstate’s voice cannot be ignored by a downstate majority.

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