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Criminal Justice

We can do better. We can enact common-sense criminal justice laws, ensuring equality before the law, by empowering judges and juries to administer justice without discrimination. We need a balanced approach to criminal justice, ensuring the rule of law are maintained and all constitutional rights are protected. The current changes to our criminal justice system have victimized the innocent while freeing criminal to reoffend.  As your State Assemblyman, I’ll fight to:

  • Repeal the failed bail reform law and allow judges to, without bias, impose bail to ensure court appearances, minimize flight risk, and protect the public;
  • Repeal the discovery law that rushes judgement as to someone’s guilt or innocence and protect witness personal data from criminals who have stalked and killed too many witnesses;
  • Ensure appropriate penalties for those duly convicted of a crime, but also protect due process so no one is convicted on false allegations;
  • Move prosecution of on-campus sexual harassment from college administrators to the courts, where prison sentencing is possible and due process rights are protected; and
  • Provide courts and prosecutors with required resources so trials are accurate and quick.


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