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Welcome to the official website of my campaign for the position of Dutchess County Legislator – District 11. Our campaign is dedicated to upholding the principles of fiscal responsibility and effective governance. Dutchess County has stood as a shining example for numerous counties across New York State, characterized by its stable taxes, progressive modernization, top-tier county website, and comprehensive social programs. These achievements have been made possible through the stewardship of a Republican legislator majority.

In this era where prudent financial management is essential, it is imperative that we have individuals who embrace physical conservatism at every echelon of government. While Dutchess County has diligently fulfilled its role, the State of New York has seen an alarming surge in its budget, ballooning from $220.5 Billion to an astonishing $232.9 Billion. This figure is three times the 2% tax cap that is imposed on County, Towns, Villages, and School Districts.

As a member of the generation that navigated through the trials of the 70s gas crisis, enduring double-digit interest rates, and witnessing the economic downturn caused by IBM's local layoffs in the late 80s, I have firsthand experience of these challenges. The financial tremors of the late 90s and the devastating crash of 2008, along with the subsequent mortgage crisis, also left their mark. I emerged from these periods with the acumen to establish businesses even in the midst of economic corrections. It is this practical wisdom that I aim to leverage while representing you, ensuring that Dutchess County remains an exemplar for others to emulate.

I humbly urge you to consider contributing to our campaign – even a modest donation of $5 can make a significant impact. This will empower us to mount a compelling challenge against an entrenched incumbent with substantial resources. Our mission is clear: we must work together to the radical changes to preserve Dutchess County for all the reasons we have made it our home. Will you join us in this endeavor?

Your support, in whatever capacity you can provide, is sincerely appreciated.


The New 11th Legislative District encompasses the entirety of the Town of Clinton, the northern precinct of Pleasant Valley (District 1), the southern sector of the Town of Rhinebeck (Rhinecliff), and the entire Village, spanning Districts 2, 3, 4, and 5. Please refer to the attached map for a visual representation of these boundaries.

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